Home Sweet Home.

Shelter. It’s a basic necessity. But there are so many amazing things that can be done with a home.

Fact: I love houses.

Little-Known Fact: as a child, I wanted to be a realtor. I would go over to friends’ houses, take dozens of pictures and make flyers. Dead serious.

Although now I have different aspirations, I still find myself living vicariously through my dad (who is a realtor on his free time.) I’ve had a lot of fun playing imaginary house-hunting lately and have come across the most adorable houses. However, today I might have found the coolest house-related website ever! The website, called “100 Abandoned Houses”, showcases abandoned homes in Detroit. HOW THE HECK CAN SOMEONE JUST LEAVE THESE AMAZING TREASURES? I could live in any of these houses (at least after repairs) and be the happiest girl in the world.
feel free to click on the photos to make them larger for your viewing pleasure.

They are so amazing! Maybe I’ll just go move in. No one is living there anyway, right?

Kendra Leigh

  1. Love this post! For aslong as I can remember I’ve been obsessed with the interior design of houses. There is an abandonded house just outside of my hometown, and everytime me and my dad pass by we always talk about how he would buy it and we’d fix it up together and make it perfect. Seem to have always been fasinated by it.
    Can’t wait to read future posts!

  2. Grandma said:

    I don’t want you to live in Detroit. It is way too far away. The other thing is, the people didn’t just walk away–they couldn’t make the house payment. Now the bank owns it.

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