I am a follower of Christ, a student studying journalism and social justice, and the fashion blogger for the Downtown Devil. I like to explore, create, learn, drink caffeinated beverages & dream about honey bees. It’s nice to meet you.


  1. Hi Kendra!

    My name is Hillary Gustin and I am a third year student at UCLA. I am writing you because I recently discovered your blog through the Eliza Magazine website and I just wanted to stop by and say how awesome I think it is that you convey your boldness for Christ on your blog. There are a lot of young moms and wives in this blog world who like to talk about Jesus but it is so refreshing to hear it coming from a peer and fellow student. You have challenged me to be more intentional about sharing about Jesus on my own blog. Thanks for doing what cha do!

    -Hillary Gustin

  2. Agreed! Huge kudos to you!!

    -Kristina, Nook & Sea

  3. Just found your blog and I love the pictures from Seattle.
    Also, I think it rocks, your proclamation of your love for Christ.
    I have a “Hair*Beauty*Inspiration” blog and have wondered how many
    Christian bloggers there are out there. Glad I found you and I look
    forward to reading more from you!


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