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Good morning! I’m about to go to a 5K (not run it, let’s be honest, but volunteer there with the church.) I actually woke up on time today, which if you know me at all, know is a feat nearly deserving of applause. I have perfected the art of getting ready in under 15 minutes, hair and make-up included, because I’m so used to pushing “snooze” beyond reason. But today, I woke up about an hour early, at 6 am, and I didn’t even get to bed until 12:30.

But I had to get up. I told God that if He wanted to spend time with me (which he does) then I would need Him to wake me up because goodness gracious, I was not good at getting myself up. And to be honest with you, when I suddenly woke up an hour early, I wanted to turn over and sleep again with every ounce in me, but I knew this is what I had been begging for so I figured I better turn on the light.

This morning, I began something I would like to continue. No, I am not referencing reading scripture (although I want to continue this, too.) I’m talking about resting in Christ. I read my bible everyday, a routine which I realized about 48 hours ago, I had actually allowed to replace Christ in my life. Because well, “I have my bible and my journal and that’s good enough, right?” I stopped listening, I traded pursuing intimacy with Jesus for simply reading about him. (And to be honest, I was mostly skimming, anyway.) But today, God changed something my heart and I began to listen, not just read. It felt like climbing into my father’s lap to hear Him tell me how much He loves me.

And here I am, with five and a half hours of sleep and I’ve never felt so awake!

Jesus has been pursuing me long enough. I want to run into His arms (which I’m sure will look more like a stumble into them, but as long as that’s where I end up.)

“When I have no more strength left to follow, fall on my knees. Pilot me. May your sunrise lead me home.”

Kendra Leigh


I am sitting in the airport right now waiting to see if my good friend, Molly made her standby flight back home to Phoenix. She came to visit this weekend, and her leaving makes me long to be home even more. Although I am not lonely anymore as I mentioned in my last post, the newness of being in Washington is wearing off, and with the whole ordeal beginning to feel routine, I’d rather have my routine back home with my longtime friends and family. Oh, how I wish I was getting on the plane with her. Nevertheless (why in the world is “nevertheless” one word?!) I am enjoying my time here; new friends rest assured I am eternally grateful for you. Maybe you could come back to Phoenix with me?

Anyway, Molly and I had a fabulous weekend. When she arrived on Friday, we had lunch by Elliot Bay, I showed her my office, we went up in the tallest building in Seattle, although they wouldn’t actually let us look out the 73rd story window unless we paid $9. Fooey. So we settled for the 40th floor Starbucks window. Afterward, we went and looked at some properties in Seattle, you know, just for kicks and ended the night by having pizza and shopping time with my cousin Carli who is also in town.

Yesterday, we explored Mercer Island mostly daydreaming about what it would be like to live in the beautiful apartment homes. When we were ready to wake-up from our dreaming, we ventured over to Ballard where we may or may not have decided to eat cupcakes for lunch, and explore the vintage shops for dessert. After we were nice and full, we went over to Fremont Bridge, a recommendation from my boss. The Bridge was beautiful and we spent sometime chatting with the troll underneath. (REALLY! There’s a troll!) We ended the night at Blue Moon Burgers, where I ate deep-fried Macaroni and Cheese.

Needless to say, we both had stomach aches at the end of the day.

We ended the night watching “10 Things I Hate About You” and got to see the characters go to some of the same cool places we had visited. (Although, unfortunate for us, our day didn’t end with a kiss from Heath Ledger.)

I just got the call from Molly that she made it on the flight, the very last seat, so I suppose I can go home now.
(Where did I park?)

Molly, have a safe flight home and thank you for visiting me. You are the greatest :)

Kendra Leigh

P.S. I stole the photo of Carli and I from her Instagram (@carlikrueger,) which was taken by Molly.

Life here in Washington has been great and it’s so weird to say that I have just over a month left of my trip here. A few posts ago, I mentioned I was feeling pretty lonely, and I’m happy to announce that that is not the case anymore. I’ve been blessed with a great community group of college girls who have totally welcomed me into their lives. So far, we have done a bible study every Tuesday, gone an hour up north to the city of Anacortes, had a girls night out and a girls night in, and tonight will be ultimate frisbee (I’m still debating my attendance of this one.) In addition to all of those fun things, every week we get a “sister date.” We all write our names down and pull out two at a time and those two girls do something one-on-one during the week. It has been the perfect way to get to know multiple people pretty well.

I feel incredibly blessed.

Things are still going well with Donna, of course. The highlight of our week is usually Wednesday when I come home from work, we eat dinner together, then prepare our desserts which we enjoy as we watch American Idol. Except, this past week, we had an even better time than watching people’s dreams be crushed on national television. We lit one of her many oil lamps, turned out all the lights, and enjoyed dinner by the light of the fire. It was perfect. Donna thought it would be appropriate for eating old country style stew.

For another photo of our dinner click here.
Also, have you seen my new website, which I coded by hand?

I hope you are doing as well as I am!

God is good.

Kendra Leigh

The weather has been strange here lately. The sun warmed the Seattle air up to the 60s just a couple of weeks ago, but it has retreated into hiding and rain and 40-degree temperatures have taken over once again. I expect the cold, rain and darkness, but somehow it becomes less bearable just after such a beautifully warm and sunny week.

I’m finding the same is true internally. The emotional dark and coldness becomes increasingly unbearable when it’s one you sink into after just dancing in the sunlight. You might guess that this emotional roller coaster is the result of the loneliness which has received brief mention in my earlier posts, but you’d be wrong. This is an emotion I’m almost entirely unfamiliar with: jealousy.

Throughout my life, I’ve not been much of a jealous person. But recently the story has been different. There are so many beautiful, talented women I know whom, when I lie awake at night, I’m comparing myself to. And I always fall short. I find I second guess myself in nearly every department. I’m not nearly as pretty as her. She’s so much more creative than I am. I will never be able to make art the way she does. If only I had a voice like that.

It’s as if I’m consciously walking away from the sunshine and then wondering why I’m so cold.

You’ll never get anywhere through comparison.

A good friend told me the way to overcome an all-consuming jealousy was through celebration. 
Celebrate the person for all their uniqueness, for the gifts God gave them.
And then celebrate myself for my uniqueness and the gifts God gave me.

I’ve never received such practical advice.

For I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.

So today, instead of comparison, I choose celebration.
Instead of clouds and 40 degrees, I choose the warmth and comfort of a late-morning sun.
And to those I previously demonized through my own envy, I celebrate you; I celebrate your art, your perfect hair, the way you know how to play every instrument and sing the way I imagine we all will one day in heaven.
Come dance in the sunshine with me.

Kendra Leigh

I started to become disgusted with myself. I walked out of work one day this week and noticed how close the Space Needle was. How had I not noticed this before? On the drive home, I saw a tree that stuck out to me. It was significantly larger than the others around it and majestically beautiful. I drive by this tree every day and had never taken note of it. I realized what had been happening to me: I was becoming so wrapped up in my schedule, my routine, my emotions (still feeling a little lonely, by the way) and I forgot to look for the beauty in the world around me. God has put so much work into making this world beautiful. And what a brilliant job He’s done! I encourage you today to go for a walk or drive you’ve been on before, but this time make a point to see the hand of our Creator in it.

Kendra Leigh

A few days later than I would have liked them, but here are the photographs of the second day of my drive. Do you remember when I went to Portland last time? And I got those really yummy doughnuts. I requested we stop at VooDoo Doughnuts again as we drove through Portland and my mom and grandma agreed. That was probably the highlight of day two.

Since I’ve been here, things are great. Not what I expected. I’m lonelier than I anticipated I would be. But it’s a healthy kind of lonesome I think. The kind that has allowed me time to read and create things, which is when I think I’m at my best anyway. Donna, the gracious lady who has welcomed me into her home during my stay is more fabulous than I could have asked for. We pray and eat together and have the most rich conversations. She’s teaching me to be a better listener.  And my internship? I love it. The people there are wonderful, and my only friends here thus far. I love to go to work and just be around these people, basking in their positivity. Everyone is uplifting in the most genuine sort of way; I’ve never been in a more enjoyable work environment.

I think things will work out splendidly. God is good.

Kendra Leigh

On Friday, December 30 I left for a Seattle. My mom and grandma are driving with me and all my things up to the Evergreen State where I will start a new chapter of my life interning with Rwanda Partners for the coming semester. Our first day of travel ended in Susanville, CA. Below are some picture I took. Today’s photographs will make their way on the blog in the next few days. Enjoy.

Kendra Leigh

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