I’ve done a lot of blogging lately, but not here. I’ve started at fashion blog for the Downtown Devil called A Tailored Place, and I’ve started a beekeeping blog for my Online Media class called A Bee Conversation. But I’ve done very little blogging for personal purposes, and I miss it.

The last time I wrote was in March, just before I moved home from Seattle. I’ve done a lot since then. I’ve learned how to carve pipes (although I’ve been slacking on finishing orders); I’ve spent some time in Mexico working at an orphanage; I visited Colorado, where I did some drawing, went exploring, hiked a 14,000 foot mountain, and homemade a batch of beer and a batch of wine; I got a new car, a new job, a new hobby, and a new tattoo; Most importantly, I fell in love with PJ Szabo.

hand carved pipemerethe hopland drawingcolorado hanging lake14er in Coloradohomemade wine and beerNew Chevy Aveokendra worsnup beekeepingPJ Szabo

What’s the best thing you’ve done lately? Let me know in the comments below.

(All of these pictures are from my instagram: @kendraworsnup)

Kendra Leigh



I am sitting in the airport right now waiting to see if my good friend, Molly made her standby flight back home to Phoenix. She came to visit this weekend, and her leaving makes me long to be home even more. Although I am not lonely anymore as I mentioned in my last post, the newness of being in Washington is wearing off, and with the whole ordeal beginning to feel routine, I’d rather have my routine back home with my longtime friends and family. Oh, how I wish I was getting on the plane with her. Nevertheless (why in the world is “nevertheless” one word?!) I am enjoying my time here; new friends rest assured I am eternally grateful for you. Maybe you could come back to Phoenix with me?

Anyway, Molly and I had a fabulous weekend. When she arrived on Friday, we had lunch by Elliot Bay, I showed her my office, we went up in the tallest building in Seattle, although they wouldn’t actually let us look out the 73rd story window unless we paid $9. Fooey. So we settled for the 40th floor Starbucks window. Afterward, we went and looked at some properties in Seattle, you know, just for kicks and ended the night by having pizza and shopping time with my cousin Carli who is also in town.

Yesterday, we explored Mercer Island mostly daydreaming about what it would be like to live in the beautiful apartment homes. When we were ready to wake-up from our dreaming, we ventured over to Ballard where we may or may not have decided to eat cupcakes for lunch, and explore the vintage shops for dessert. After we were nice and full, we went over to Fremont Bridge, a recommendation from my boss. The Bridge was beautiful and we spent sometime chatting with the troll underneath. (REALLY! There’s a troll!) We ended the night at Blue Moon Burgers, where I ate deep-fried Macaroni and Cheese.

Needless to say, we both had stomach aches at the end of the day.

We ended the night watching “10 Things I Hate About You” and got to see the characters go to some of the same cool places we had visited. (Although, unfortunate for us, our day didn’t end with a kiss from Heath Ledger.)

I just got the call from Molly that she made it on the flight, the very last seat, so I suppose I can go home now.
(Where did I park?)

Molly, have a safe flight home and thank you for visiting me. You are the greatest :)

Kendra Leigh

P.S. I stole the photo of Carli and I from her Instagram (@carlikrueger,) which was taken by Molly.

I have been so MIA. I’ve not only been busy with my two jobs, internship and school. But I’ve felt a little lost in the blogging world, without direction. And I guess I’ve been at this stale point in my relationship with wordpress– not sure if I wanted to focus on fashion, or make it more of a journal about my thoughts. The answer has yet to be found, but I figure I will just go with the flow in the mean time. So to start of my return, I want to play catch up and let you know what I’ve been up to since my last post, and will do so via instagram posts.

In the end of July, I moved into my new house with Megan and Cheyna. In August, I learned how to better prepare dinner. I modeled for a photoshoot. Started school and my new job teaching special needs children. On the 18th, I celebrated my birthday at Le Chalet. In September, I went to California with my dear friend Kori to see our friends Chad and Candace get married. We got a puppy who we named Coco Chanel. I got some new shoes!

What have you been up to since we last talked? Leave me a comment, I’d love to hear.


This is the map on my wall, which today I finally marked! I put gold push pins in the places which I’ve flown to and connected them to my home with red thread. I hope one day to have many more pins in my map. Right now, I have pins in Colorado, Minnesota, New York, Florida (connecting flight), Washington D.C., the Dominican Republic, and Panama.

Hopefully next year I can add one in Spain!!! Where is your favorite spot to fly to? Your favorite vacation spot?

Kendra Leigh Worsnup

P.S. I just remembered: I need to add one in Portland!

Today is New Year’s Day, a wonderful day for reflection. This has felt like the year of all years. So many amazing things have happened to me throughout the year and I thought I’d take this time to remind myself and you of them.

January Ryan’s birthday was in this month, my dad and I flew to Colorado on a surprise trip to visit my boyfriend for his 18th birthday. On the trip we also went and checked out Colorado Christian University, one of my three college choices.

February- My mom and I went to Portland, OR to check out another school- Multnomah University. We stayed with Ryan’s sister Ashley and her husband Jed.  During our trip we went to classes, went hiking, experienced Voodoo Donuts and Stumptown Coffee. I fell in love with the place, and still would love to live there someday. (see more pictures here, here and here)

March- For Spring break, my family and I visited our friends the Kitchens in Texas. We had a wonderful time. I also made my decision about college.

April- Ryan came to visit me and we had our senior prom! I’m wearing a lovely dress my Aunt made for me.

May- I graduated high school!!! Ryan and I celebrated our one year of dating :)

June- Ryan came to visit me. Towards the middle, my mom and I left for Texas where I left from for Panama later this month. (view more photos here)

July– Mid-July I returned to the United States from Panama. Visited Colorado. Went to New York for the FIRST TIME EVER with my wonderful Aunt Christy! (view more photos here, here and here)

August- Ryan came to arizona. I turned 18 and got my nose pierced, which didn’t end up so well (I took it out in November.) I started my first semester of college at ASU’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications.

September- I had a friend who passed away this month. Not exactly a highlight. But since his family later came to know Christ as a result, I praise the Lord.

October- Went to Colorado to visit Ryan. Got a new car, since my other one broke.

November- Began my new job at Palos Verdes Senior Living. Celebrated Thanksgiving in Wickenburg with my family and cousin who had just returned home from Montana. I also went on my first road trip without my parents to Prescott (not too far, I know) with my friend Jordynn. (view more photos here)

December- went to Colorado, again, with my family for Christmas. Ryan drove back with us. (view more photos here)

I hope your year was just as fabulous as mine, and here’s to another good one!

Kendra Leigh Worsnup

My trip to Colorado has been awesome! I’ve been lucky enough to spend time with family, Ryan and Krystal, a friend I met on my mission trip to Panama. I’ve seen two movies in theater (The Fighter and The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader,) went ice skating, baked tons of cookies, played several games, made two gingerbread houses, celebrated Christmas three times (once with Ryan’s immediate family, once with his extended family, and once with my family.) Despite that I did not get to experience my first white Christmas, the time has been most enjoyable. The only thing that could have made it better is if my Papa John had been here to celebrate with us.

We leave tomorrow morning for the 15-hour drive home. Fortunately, Ryan gets to come home with me. Yay! I can’t wait to spend another 12 days with him. Please say a prayer for my family and I and that the drive home goes smoothly and safely. I can’t wait to see all my friends back home. And, of course, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Enjoy these photos taken from my new camera. I am thoroughly enjoying it. :)

Ryan and I. First picture taken on my new camera!
Daddy and Me at Denny’s after picking up Grandma at the airport.
Our Christmas Tree and presents. God has surely blessed us this year.
Krystal holding her calzone at my Aunt Christy’s famous Make-Your-Own-Calzone Night.
Shawn, a boy my cousins babysit, with his awesome Christmas Light Glasses on.
Ryan’s and my gingerbread house.
Ryan’s cousins on Christmas Eve holding their stuffed Elephants made for them by their Aunt Cheryl.
On Christmas day, our family had a gingerbread-house-making contest. We drew names for teams and were given weird rules and items that had to be used in our house. If you can tell, there is a car made of a corn dog on the left, the Christmas tree is made from a six-inch-nail, the base of the snowman is a ping-pong ball, and we also have solar panels, a sleigh, and reindeer. However, ours still came in last, after we were deemed “least creative” and “least stable” after being dropped from their second story deck. Ryan, my mom, Grandma and Cami’s team came in first, and Uncle Bill, Makayla, Garrison and Aunt Christy’s team came in second.
Aunt Christy and me making homemade lefse. It was delicious. Makayla, Cami and me. Makayla and Cami are my two cousins, and yes, Cami who is 12 is, in fact, taller than me. Notice my cute sweater? I got it from Ryan for Christmas.

Don’t forget to thank God for sending His son for us today. That is what this holiday is about after all. And how amazing is His love?! This is truly something to celebrate. Happy Birthday Jesus. I love you.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

Kendra Leigh Worsnup

Today we did sight-seeing. We started the day with a free tour of Castle Clinton, then took the fairy to Liberty Island and back. After that, we ate lunch at Planet Gyro, DELICIOUS might I add. We tried to see Ground Zero but it was blocked mostly with construction as they are building a memorial and museum in honor of 9/11. We finished the sight-seeing with the Empire State Building. It was so awesome being 86 stories off the ground. Never have I seen anything like it.

We ended the evening with Chinese take-out from Tiger Noodles (which you would know if you add me as a friend of Foursquare; I signed up for this today.)

Lesson I learned today: We as humans crave nature. When I was atop the Empire State Building, we could see miles and miles of concrete interrupted by trees wherever possible. Central Park for example. But also, and more interestingly there were trees on top of buildings! Just goes to show that anything we make, any man-made creation, will never be as desired as what God has made. We need trees, we need nature, we need God.    

Tomorrow we have a relaxed morning that has yet to be planned. And in the evening? A broadway show. I cannot wait.

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