I’ve done a lot of blogging lately, but not here. I’ve started at fashion blog for the Downtown Devil called A Tailored Place, and I’ve started a beekeeping blog for my Online Media class called A Bee Conversation. But I’ve done very little blogging for personal purposes, and I miss it.

The last time I wrote was in March, just before I moved home from Seattle. I’ve done a lot since then. I’ve learned how to carve pipes (although I’ve been slacking on finishing orders); I’ve spent some time in Mexico working at an orphanage; I visited Colorado, where I did some drawing, went exploring, hiked a 14,000 foot mountain, and homemade a batch of beer and a batch of wine; I got a new car, a new job, a new hobby, and a new tattoo; Most importantly, I fell in love with PJ Szabo.

hand carved pipemerethe hopland drawingcolorado hanging lake14er in Coloradohomemade wine and beerNew Chevy Aveokendra worsnup beekeepingPJ Szabo

What’s the best thing you’ve done lately? Let me know in the comments below.

(All of these pictures are from my instagram: @kendraworsnup)

Kendra Leigh



Life here in Washington has been great and it’s so weird to say that I have just over a month left of my trip here. A few posts ago, I mentioned I was feeling pretty lonely, and I’m happy to announce that that is not the case anymore. I’ve been blessed with a great community group of college girls who have totally welcomed me into their lives. So far, we have done a bible study every Tuesday, gone an hour up north to the city of Anacortes, had a girls night out and a girls night in, and tonight will be ultimate frisbee (I’m still debating my attendance of this one.) In addition to all of those fun things, every week we get a “sister date.” We all write our names down and pull out two at a time and those two girls do something one-on-one during the week. It has been the perfect way to get to know multiple people pretty well.

I feel incredibly blessed.

Things are still going well with Donna, of course. The highlight of our week is usually Wednesday when I come home from work, we eat dinner together, then prepare our desserts which we enjoy as we watch American Idol. Except, this past week, we had an even better time than watching people’s dreams be crushed on national television. We lit one of her many oil lamps, turned out all the lights, and enjoyed dinner by the light of the fire. It was perfect. Donna thought it would be appropriate for eating old country style stew.

For another photo of our dinner click here.
Also, have you seen my new website, which I coded by hand?

I hope you are doing as well as I am!

God is good.

Kendra Leigh

I started to become disgusted with myself. I walked out of work one day this week and noticed how close the Space Needle was. How had I not noticed this before? On the drive home, I saw a tree that stuck out to me. It was significantly larger than the others around it and majestically beautiful. I drive by this tree every day and had never taken note of it. I realized what had been happening to me: I was becoming so wrapped up in my schedule, my routine, my emotions (still feeling a little lonely, by the way) and I forgot to look for the beauty in the world around me. God has put so much work into making this world beautiful. And what a brilliant job He’s done! I encourage you today to go for a walk or drive you’ve been on before, but this time make a point to see the hand of our Creator in it.

Kendra Leigh

A few days later than I would have liked them, but here are the photographs of the second day of my drive. Do you remember when I went to Portland last time? And I got those really yummy doughnuts. I requested we stop at VooDoo Doughnuts again as we drove through Portland and my mom and grandma agreed. That was probably the highlight of day two.

Since I’ve been here, things are great. Not what I expected. I’m lonelier than I anticipated I would be. But it’s a healthy kind of lonesome I think. The kind that has allowed me time to read and create things, which is when I think I’m at my best anyway. Donna, the gracious lady who has welcomed me into her home during my stay is more fabulous than I could have asked for. We pray and eat together and have the most rich conversations. She’s teaching me to be a better listener.  And my internship? I love it. The people there are wonderful, and my only friends here thus far. I love to go to work and just be around these people, basking in their positivity. Everyone is uplifting in the most genuine sort of way; I’ve never been in a more enjoyable work environment.

I think things will work out splendidly. God is good.

Kendra Leigh

On Friday, December 30 I left for a Seattle. My mom and grandma are driving with me and all my things up to the Evergreen State where I will start a new chapter of my life interning with Rwanda Partners for the coming semester. Our first day of travel ended in Susanville, CA. Below are some picture I took. Today’s photographs will make their way on the blog in the next few days. Enjoy.

Kendra Leigh

I have been so MIA. I’ve not only been busy with my two jobs, internship and school. But I’ve felt a little lost in the blogging world, without direction. And I guess I’ve been at this stale point in my relationship with wordpress– not sure if I wanted to focus on fashion, or make it more of a journal about my thoughts. The answer has yet to be found, but I figure I will just go with the flow in the mean time. So to start of my return, I want to play catch up and let you know what I’ve been up to since my last post, and will do so via instagram posts.

In the end of July, I moved into my new house with Megan and Cheyna. In August, I learned how to better prepare dinner. I modeled for a photoshoot. Started school and my new job teaching special needs children. On the 18th, I celebrated my birthday at Le Chalet. In September, I went to California with my dear friend Kori to see our friends Chad and Candace get married. We got a puppy who we named Coco Chanel. I got some new shoes!

What have you been up to since we last talked? Leave me a comment, I’d love to hear.


This is the map on my wall, which today I finally marked! I put gold push pins in the places which I’ve flown to and connected them to my home with red thread. I hope one day to have many more pins in my map. Right now, I have pins in Colorado, Minnesota, New York, Florida (connecting flight), Washington D.C., the Dominican Republic, and Panama.

Hopefully next year I can add one in Spain!!! Where is your favorite spot to fly to? Your favorite vacation spot?

Kendra Leigh Worsnup

P.S. I just remembered: I need to add one in Portland!

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