I’ve done a lot of blogging lately, but not here. I’ve started at fashion blog for the Downtown Devil called A Tailored Place, and I’ve started a beekeeping blog for my Online Media class called A Bee Conversation. But I’ve done very little blogging for personal purposes, and I miss it.

The last time I wrote was in March, just before I moved home from Seattle. I’ve done a lot since then. I’ve learned how to carve pipes (although I’ve been slacking on finishing orders); I’ve spent some time in Mexico working at an orphanage; I visited Colorado, where I did some drawing, went exploring, hiked a 14,000 foot mountain, and homemade a batch of beer and a batch of wine; I got a new car, a new job, a new hobby, and a new tattoo; Most importantly, I fell in love with PJ Szabo.

hand carved pipemerethe hopland drawingcolorado hanging lake14er in Coloradohomemade wine and beerNew Chevy Aveokendra worsnup beekeepingPJ Szabo

What’s the best thing you’ve done lately? Let me know in the comments below.

(All of these pictures are from my instagram: @kendraworsnup)

Kendra Leigh



I have been so MIA. I’ve not only been busy with my two jobs, internship and school. But I’ve felt a little lost in the blogging world, without direction. And I guess I’ve been at this stale point in my relationship with wordpress– not sure if I wanted to focus on fashion, or make it more of a journal about my thoughts. The answer has yet to be found, but I figure I will just go with the flow in the mean time. So to start of my return, I want to play catch up and let you know what I’ve been up to since my last post, and will do so via instagram posts.

In the end of July, I moved into my new house with Megan and Cheyna. In August, I learned how to better prepare dinner. I modeled for a photoshoot. Started school and my new job teaching special needs children. On the 18th, I celebrated my birthday at Le Chalet. In September, I went to California with my dear friend Kori to see our friends Chad and Candace get married. We got a puppy who we named Coco Chanel. I got some new shoes!

What have you been up to since we last talked? Leave me a comment, I’d love to hear.


There is a coffee shop right by my school that I walk by frequently but have never been in, until today. It is under ground, literally. Pretty cool. The coffee was fantastic, but even more delicious was a stuffed croissant. It was a fresh, warm croissant stuffed with spinach and feta cheese. Oh yeah.

I could go for another one of them, right now. Maybe I will get one again on Thursday.

Thursday. Thursday I am going to a baby shower. I ordered the present late, but it is adorable. I’ve been checking the USPS website approximately every 15 minutes to see if it has been updated where the package is.

Nope, still not updated.

Hurry package, I need you here by tomorrow.

Speaking of being excited, when you’re home and bored, perhaps doing homework or work and are feeling drab, put on some red lipstick. Even if no one sees you, you will still feel spunky. It’s easier to work if you feel spunky.

I haven’t tested this theory for men. So boys, you’re on your own.

Kendra Leigh Worsnup

School starts on Tuesday. And to be honest, I can not wait to go back. School is one of my favorite things- the combination of learning, interacting with others and feeling as though I’m accomplishing something- it’s perfection. So this month-long break has felt a little too long for me.

This semester I’m taking Spanish 102, Microeconomics, News Reporting and Writing, Philosophy and Statistics. I’m certain that this semester will be much busier than last. But I’m also sure that if I can exercise good time management, then I will be fine.

Please pray for me as I start school that I will be able to positively affect the lives of all my classmates and future friends. God has blessed me so richly, and more than anything, I’d love to extend those blessings to all around me. Pray that I will keep myself from judging and instead, fill my thoughts with love. I want to be radical- radically share my faith, radically give, radically love.

Kendra Leigh Worsnup 

If you don’t know, I’m a traveler. I love to travel any and everywhere I can. The furthest my journeys have ever taken me, however, is to Panama this last summer. And I’m already ready for more. I want to go to Spain. Through ASU, I have so many studying abroad programs available to me. And the amazing news is that if I choose to study abroad, most of the programs will allow my scholarship to transfer. THANK GOODNESS.

Despite the scholarship, studying abroad in Spain  would still be crazy expensive. I’m talking between 9 and 11 g’s depending on which city I choose to study in. The question then becomes this: is it worth it? I would of course have to take a loan to pay for the schooling. Yet, my scholarship covers all of my ASU tuition. This means that except for the books and some small extra fees that I have to pay for, my college is essentially free. The way I see it, graduating with only $9,000 to pay back would probably be worth this once-in-a-life-time experience.

What are your thoughts? please do share!

Kendra Leigh Worsnup

Today is New Year’s Day, a wonderful day for reflection. This has felt like the year of all years. So many amazing things have happened to me throughout the year and I thought I’d take this time to remind myself and you of them.

January Ryan’s birthday was in this month, my dad and I flew to Colorado on a surprise trip to visit my boyfriend for his 18th birthday. On the trip we also went and checked out Colorado Christian University, one of my three college choices.

February- My mom and I went to Portland, OR to check out another school- Multnomah University. We stayed with Ryan’s sister Ashley and her husband Jed.  During our trip we went to classes, went hiking, experienced Voodoo Donuts and Stumptown Coffee. I fell in love with the place, and still would love to live there someday. (see more pictures here, here and here)

March- For Spring break, my family and I visited our friends the Kitchens in Texas. We had a wonderful time. I also made my decision about college.

April- Ryan came to visit me and we had our senior prom! I’m wearing a lovely dress my Aunt made for me.

May- I graduated high school!!! Ryan and I celebrated our one year of dating :)

June- Ryan came to visit me. Towards the middle, my mom and I left for Texas where I left from for Panama later this month. (view more photos here)

July– Mid-July I returned to the United States from Panama. Visited Colorado. Went to New York for the FIRST TIME EVER with my wonderful Aunt Christy! (view more photos here, here and here)

August- Ryan came to arizona. I turned 18 and got my nose pierced, which didn’t end up so well (I took it out in November.) I started my first semester of college at ASU’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications.

September- I had a friend who passed away this month. Not exactly a highlight. But since his family later came to know Christ as a result, I praise the Lord.

October- Went to Colorado to visit Ryan. Got a new car, since my other one broke.

November- Began my new job at Palos Verdes Senior Living. Celebrated Thanksgiving in Wickenburg with my family and cousin who had just returned home from Montana. I also went on my first road trip without my parents to Prescott (not too far, I know) with my friend Jordynn. (view more photos here)

December- went to Colorado, again, with my family for Christmas. Ryan drove back with us. (view more photos here)

I hope your year was just as fabulous as mine, and here’s to another good one!

Kendra Leigh Worsnup

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