So little sleep, so well rested.

Good morning! I’m about to go to a 5K (not run it, let’s be honest, but volunteer there with the church.) I actually woke up on time today, which if you know me at all, know is a feat nearly deserving of applause. I have perfected the art of getting ready in under 15 minutes, hair and make-up included, because I’m so used to pushing “snooze” beyond reason. But today, I woke up about an hour early, at 6 am, and I didn’t even get to bed until 12:30.

But I had to get up. I told God that if He wanted to spend time with me (which he does) then I would need Him to wake me up because goodness gracious, I was not good at getting myself up. And to be honest with you, when I suddenly woke up an hour early, I wanted to turn over and sleep again with every ounce in me, but I knew this is what I had been begging for so I figured I better turn on the light.

This morning, I began something I would like to continue. No, I am not referencing reading scripture (although I want to continue this, too.) I’m talking about resting in Christ. I read my bible everyday, a routine which I realized about 48 hours ago, I had actually allowed to replace Christ in my life. Because well, “I have my bible and my journal and that’s good enough, right?” I stopped listening, I traded pursuing intimacy with Jesus for simply reading about him. (And to be honest, I was mostly skimming, anyway.) But today, God changed something my heart and I began to listen, not just read. It felt like climbing into my father’s lap to hear Him tell me how much He loves me.

And here I am, with five and a half hours of sleep and I’ve never felt so awake!

Jesus has been pursuing me long enough. I want to run into His arms (which I’m sure will look more like a stumble into them, but as long as that’s where I end up.)

“When I have no more strength left to follow, fall on my knees. Pilot me. May your sunrise lead me home.”

Kendra Leigh

  1. Carroll said:

    Brought tears to my eyes.

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