Thank you, Jesus! An update on Katie Wagner

Last October, I posted about a girl named Katie Wagner, who went to the same church as me. She was diagnosed with Stage IV bone and lung cancer and began a long battle with several intense rounds of chemo therapy and radiation. 

Recently, I’ve become more closely acquainted with cancer when in January, my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer as well. 

Cancer is an enemy of mine and someone I hope never introduces itself to anyone I know ever again.

But today I bring songs of praise and thankfulness because God has brought a miracle. This week, Katie’s scan came back CANCER FREE. This is so rare with her type of cancer that they are running extra tests this Thursday, but she is confident that God has cleared her body of cancer. She still has nine months of chemo and radiation, according to her Facebook post Tuesday night. 

Please continue to keep Katie (and my grandma) in your prayers as they continue to endure this rough battle.

BUT MAN! Is God good or what?!

Thank you, Lord. You are so faithful.


Kendra Leigh


  1. papa said:

    I rejoice with you, my love!

  2. Grandma Sharon said:

    Our God is so faithful. We thank Him for this great response to prayers. Of course, we must remember that our ways are not always His ways, and His ways are always best. I love and miss you and look forward to your getting back to AZ. Love you–Grandma Sharon

  3. Carroll said:

    Thank you Jesus for your miracle.

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