Molly comes to visit

I am sitting in the airport right now waiting to see if my good friend, Molly made her standby flight back home to Phoenix. She came to visit this weekend, and her leaving makes me long to be home even more. Although I am not lonely anymore as I mentioned in my last post, the newness of being in Washington is wearing off, and with the whole ordeal beginning to feel routine, I’d rather have my routine back home with my longtime friends and family. Oh, how I wish I was getting on the plane with her. Nevertheless (why in the world is “nevertheless” one word?!) I am enjoying my time here; new friends rest assured I am eternally grateful for you. Maybe you could come back to Phoenix with me?

Anyway, Molly and I had a fabulous weekend. When she arrived on Friday, we had lunch by Elliot Bay, I showed her my office, we went up in the tallest building in Seattle, although they wouldn’t actually let us look out the 73rd story window unless we paid $9. Fooey. So we settled for the 40th floor Starbucks window. Afterward, we went and looked at some properties in Seattle, you know, just for kicks and ended the night by having pizza and shopping time with my cousin Carli who is also in town.

Yesterday, we explored Mercer Island mostly daydreaming about what it would be like to live in the beautiful apartment homes. When we were ready to wake-up from our dreaming, we ventured over to Ballard where we may or may not have decided to eat cupcakes for lunch, and explore the vintage shops for dessert. After we were nice and full, we went over to Fremont Bridge, a recommendation from my boss. The Bridge was beautiful and we spent sometime chatting with the troll underneath. (REALLY! There’s a troll!) We ended the night at Blue Moon Burgers, where I ate deep-fried Macaroni and Cheese.

Needless to say, we both had stomach aches at the end of the day.

We ended the night watching “10 Things I Hate About You” and got to see the characters go to some of the same cool places we had visited. (Although, unfortunate for us, our day didn’t end with a kiss from Heath Ledger.)

I just got the call from Molly that she made it on the flight, the very last seat, so I suppose I can go home now.
(Where did I park?)

Molly, have a safe flight home and thank you for visiting me. You are the greatest :)

Kendra Leigh

P.S. I stole the photo of Carli and I from her Instagram (@carlikrueger,) which was taken by Molly.

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  1. papa said:

    You’re blessed, precious lady. Love you.

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