The Drive– Day 2, and the Public Market Center

A few days later than I would have liked them, but here are the photographs of the second day of my drive. Do you remember when I went to Portland last time? And I got those really yummy doughnuts. I requested we stop at VooDoo Doughnuts again as we drove through Portland and my mom and grandma agreed. That was probably the highlight of day two.

Since I’ve been here, things are great. Not what I expected. I’m lonelier than I anticipated I would be. But it’s a healthy kind of lonesome I think. The kind that has allowed me time to read and create things, which is when I think I’m at my best anyway. Donna, the gracious lady who has welcomed me into her home during my stay is more fabulous than I could have asked for. We pray and eat together and have the most rich conversations. She’s teaching me to be a better listener.  And my internship? I love it. The people there are wonderful, and my only friends here thus far. I love to go to work and just be around these people, basking in their positivity. Everyone is uplifting in the most genuine sort of way; I’ve never been in a more enjoyable work environment.

I think things will work out splendidly. God is good.

Kendra Leigh


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