The three-month itch.

You know when you redo (or in my case, get a brand new bedroom) and three months go by and you get that itch to redecorate?…. Anybody?…. Guys?… Must just be me.
Redecorating is my biggest weakness. I love designing and decorating and redoing my room. Right now, especially, I’m feeling the need to upgrade a little. This is partially because I need a new duvet cover really bad, so why not upgrade the rest of my room too, right?

I will be buying some of these products:
bedding, floral pillow, velvet pillow

And plan on making the others:
string garden, jar lamps, fox pillow, leaf map, crate night stand, painted vintage coat rack, tree branch rack, chalkboard

It might take awhile to get everything finished, but this is my goal.
Can’t wait to show you how it all turns out.

Kendra Leigh

1 comment
  1. chelsealeighbee said:

    I know exactly what you mean, I am always looking for unique things on Etsy and Wanelo and getting so many ideas I dont know what to do with them!

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