Crepes, bicycles, tacos, chai

Today was the best Saturday I’ve had in a long time. I woke up all too early for it to be my day to sleep-in, but it ended up being worth it. I slept over at Kori‘s the night before, which of course meant I was up late. All us girls do is talk. After going to bed around 3 a.m., it is needless to say I was tired when my alarm set for 7:15 went off. Kori and I got ready and drove to Chad and Candace’s house where we met up with other friends to have crepes. Candace should be a professional crepe-maker. I’m serious. So delicious. I filled mine with strawberries and mini-chocolate chips and topped it with honey and powdered sugar, which I enjoyed with a cup of coffee on the side.

We then headed out for the day’s first big adventure: Tour de Fat. It was a three-mile bicycle ride throughout Tempe to promote the use of alternative transportation. I rode a tandem bike with my good friend Sarah. It was so hard at first, and Chad didn’t have much faith in me, but I’m proud to report that Sarah and I never fell. Not even once.

After the Tour de Fat, the next big event was the Arizona Taco Festival. I went with the same crew that accompanied me to Tour de Fat plus my friend, Shelby. I planned on eating two tacos. I ate five. Kind of. I made Shelby finish probably three of the tacos—I had to save room to keep trying more, duh! Lucky for Shelby and I, we found two tickets on the ground, which meant a soda for me and an extra taco for Shelby.

My vote for best taco was the beef taco from Chelsea’s Kitchen. They even made the tortillas right in front of you! Shelby votes for his pork taco from The Mission, which works out well because it is right next door to a coffee shop his buddy is about to open up, so I’m sure Shelby will practically live his life migrating between the two.

We ended the afternoon with coffee from Cartel. Well, Shelby got coffee. I had an iced chai (which, by the way, was the best iced chai I’ve ever had. Ever.) I didn’t even take a picture of it, that’s how excited I was to keep drinking it.

And now, I am at work. Which is hardly work because HELLO I can blog here.

I hope you have a fantastic Saturday evening and marvelous Sunday morning. Enjoy your weekend.

Kendra Leigh

P.S. all photos were taken with my iPhone and edited with Instagram. Follow me! username: kendraworsnup

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  1. papa said:

    Great Day!

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