Newspaper Print Nails

I saw an adorable picture of Newspaper print nails on tumblr the other day and have been obsessed ever since. Today, my cousin Lydia who is visiting and I decided to try them and they turned out surprisingly well. Here’s a step-by-step instruction to do your own.

1. Gather everything you need: rubbing alcohol, light nail polish, a newspaper, and clear-coat nail polish.

2.Paint your nails a pastel color. I chose a sea form color and Lydia picked a greenish-yellow. If you really want a newspaper look use a light gray.
3. Put on a cool television show, I recommend So You Think You Can Dance, and wait while your nails dry. They have to be completely dry! If you become too eager and proceed while your nails are wet, your results will not be as wonderful.
4.Chose an article of the newspaper that is interesting to you or just one that has large blocks of texts and cut them into squares slightly larger than your nails.
5.Pour a bit of rubbing alcohol into the cap of its bottle.
6. Dip one nail into the rubbing alcohol until it is covered completely.
7. Firmly press one of the newspaper clips onto that nail. Hold it there for a few seconds. Imagine it is one of those temporary tattoos you have to let soak on your skin so it will stick.

8.Gently peel the newspaper away from your nail.

9. Repeat with the remainder of your nails.
10. Paint with a top coat.

11. Let dry while you finish watching So You Think You Can Dance.
12. Admire.

Post a link to your newspaper nails in the comments section below. I would love to see them! And thank you to Lydia for letting me take pictures of your nails. You rock.

Kendra Leigh

  1. indyink said:

    Totally just posted this on a friend’s site… these are too cute. What a great idea. Reminds me of my mom wrapping presents with the comics from newspapers in the 70s. :)

  2. notyourstlvixen said:

    This is too cute!! How can you repost this on my blog?

    • You may copy and post it your blog, just please link back to mine. :) thank you, ma’am

  3. papa said:

    You’re not only a good granddaughter, you’re a good cousin.

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