Summer DIY Projects

It’s barely summer break and I’m already bored even anticipating that I have nothing, nothing to do on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Ugh. I’m the busy-bee type girl who drives most people insane with my strong desire for constant movement. Thus, I must come up with productive plans for myself or else I will most likely land on Facebook or watching TV, boring activities that trick my mind into believing it’s entertained. So I’ve come up with several DIY decorating projects for myself to complete this summer. Below are some products I am choosing from to make and post instructionals for in the upcoming weeks. Take a gander at the options and then cast your vote for which project(s) I should make this summer.

This is a tea-pot lamp for sale from anthropologie, but I would love to make one for myself in order to avoid the $198  price tag.

I love these lampshades and would like to make the one on the left. Maybe to go on top of the tea-pot lamp? Or would that be too much?

I have several pieces of plain, nothing-special, wood furniture in my room. I will spruce them up this summer by taking old brooches and turning them into adorable knobs.

I love everything nature, especially when i can bring it indoors. I would love to make these floating log shelves.

This is a hanging moss garden. Did I mention I love bringing nature indoors?

So now it’s time to vote. Feel free to add your own ideas. You may vote more than one time so you can include all the options you like.

Kendra Leigh

P.S. All but the first picture can be found in the “DIY” section on designsponge. Happy crafting!

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