DIY Pancake Art

If you’re friends with me on facebook or if you follow me on twitter, you may have seen some photographs of the Pancake Art I’ve been creating recently with my cousins. It’s pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. Many of you have asked how to make such cool pancakes and here I am to tell you.

Ingredients/Needed Items:
– all ingredients needed to make a batch of your favorite pancakes. (I prefer Betty Crocker Pancakes)
– five 8oz. clear condiment bottles (These can be found at any local grocery store)
– five bowls (about the size of cereal bowls)
– a standard four-pack of food coloring
– a griddle
– two spatulas (the flatter the better)

– pre-heat griddle to recommended temperature on pancake recipe. (you may turn the temperature lower to suit more complex designs)
– make the pancake mix according to directions on recipe
– pour the pancake mix in equal proportions into the five cereal bowls
– add food coloring to suit your fancy in each of the bowls, mix thoroughly (leave one plain)
– pour your colorful batter into the five bottles
– use the bottles to draw on the griddle in any design you would prefer, starting with smaller parts (eyes, wings, etc.), followed by an outline, then fill in.
– if you want certain parts to be a darker shade, let that part cook for about 15 seconds before adding the rest
– allow the pancake to cook, then flip the pancake over, carefully avoiding breakage (this is where having two spatulas will come in handy)
– cook the pancake all the way through and serve.
– smile and enjoy :)

Kendra Leigh

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  1. papa said:

    Cool !

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