My first year of college is coming to a close, so I figured I should compile some of my thoughts from the past semester and year.

It’s true what they say, college gets harder as you go along. First semester I had a 4.1 gpa and although I don ‘t know what I have this semester I am fairly certain it will be between 3.25 and 3.5. It has become a process for me to become okay with not getting perfect grades. I’m learning I don’t need to be perfect, because well.. I can’t be perfect. Hello, wake-up call.

The semester has been great.
I love my Spanish class and my professor.
I like my journalism class and professor, although this is one of my more challenging classes. Working on tighter deadlines with extremely strict grading is killing me, but I consider it all tough love especially coming from this guy:

Statistics is statistics. not exciting. not too difficult.
Philosophy: ugh. Econ: ugh. My teachers for these classes are not my favorite, which of course makes it difficult to become engaged in the material. I’m looking forward to the end of these classes much more than any other.

For my major, I have to take four classes in a “related area” that is outside of my major. To fill this requirement, I have just decided to get a certificate in Human Rights. Hopefully between this and my journalism degree, I will be well equipped to work for a magazine such as Compassion or Voice of the Martyrs. (or where ever else God might call me.)

Please be praying for me as the semester winds down. I have my finals this Thursday (May 5) and next Tuesday (May 10). Let the studying begin!

Kendra Leigh


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