summer lovin’

Remember when I said I was going to blog everyday in 2011? remember how I didn’t blog yesterday? or the day before that? or the day before that? or the… well you get the point. I haven’t entirely abandoned my blogging commitment however, I have just been using my tumblr instead. Ryan says posting pictures everyday doesn’t count as blogging, though. I suppose he’s right (maybe..) I guess I should be writing. So I’m back. (even though posting photos on tumblr is much easier, I suppose I shall split my time between the two forums.)

I’ve been shopping, a lot lately. I use “wow it’s been warmer” as an excuse for a new wardrobe. But, it’s a decent excuse, right?

New jumper:
I also got a haircut! (new shirt in first picture and new pants in second)
I a got another new shirt and a pair of flats (not pictured.) And Ryan got me new shoes!
And also, I’m wearing heels today.
What is your favorite summer item of clothing or accessory? Please do share!

Kendra Leigh


  1. Dianne said:

    I’d say it’s a tie between sunglasses and sundresses. Anything sun-related, really. Although I doubt I could pull off wearing a Sunny D container.

  2. Daddy said:

    swim suit and flip flpos of course

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