Favorite Trends

These are some of my favorite trends for the spring season: bright colors, crazy patterns, and pure white.

This outfit is just gorgeous. The colors are fantastic together, how much more “spring” could you get? Not to mention that the shapes are so flattering.

This is my personal favorite. First of all, I love high-collar anything. The hemline of this skirt is so fantastically whimsical. And the colors? Gorgeous. So flattering for any skin tone.

These collars are so bold. It reminds me of a 3D movie, which half makes me dizzy. But I love it.

Contrasting colors are one of my most favorite things, especially since these fabrics have very similar patterns– the difference is just enough to be enchanting.

I think pure white is so flattering for any skin tone. However, maybe not for teeth. Have to be careful of that one.
But this dress is just awesome, which I mainly attribute to the perfect amount of peek-a-boo in the top.

I don’t know what I like more, the high-waisted gorgeous colored pants or the slightly sheer top with a sweetheart neckline underneath. Breathtaking.


Also, Mid-Calf Skirts/Dresses? Claro que si! Check out my ELIZA post for more. :)


Kendra Leigh

1 comment
  1. Carroll said:

    I enjoyed your comments on these outfits. Your link to the Eliza post isn’t working.

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