As of lately

Sorry I’ve been M.I.A. lately, my computer got a terrible virus, and I finally think it’s gone. So to catch you up, I’ll fill you in on my past few days.

On Tuesday, my friend Hannah and I went to Charming Charlie, an adorable jewelery store and we bought matching purity rings. Mine broke awhile back (no, this is not meant to be a metaphor) and I just now finally got a new one.

Wednesday, my dad and I went to a father/daughter dance at my church. I was one of the oldest daughters there, but I was certainly okay with that. I love my dad. When I was younger, I believed that my dad loved me because he had to. But I’m learning as I get older, that is not the case. I know all too many people who aren’t loved as much as they should be by their parents. I am so grateful for parents who show me more love than I could ever ask for. Thanks daddy, for treating me to this wonderful night.

Thursday, I had school as I usually do on Thursday, but this Thursday I had an exam in my Econ class, so I got to leave as soon as I finished. This left me an hour before my next class. So I went to the park across the street, read the bible, and then took a nap on some of the most luscious grass I’ve ever seen. It was so wonderful.

Hope your past few days have been wonderful!

Kendra Leigh

  1. papa said:

    You give me many reasons to be proud of you. I don’t need any reasons to love you; I just do.

  2. Did you know that the reason we can them computer bugs is because the first computers used vaccuum tubes that sometimes sucked up moths. It would shut the computer down. Just a fun fact for the day.

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