Where I’ve Been

This is the map on my wall, which today I finally marked! I put gold push pins in the places which I’ve flown to and connected them to my home with red thread. I hope one day to have many more pins in my map. Right now, I have pins in Colorado, Minnesota, New York, Florida (connecting flight), Washington D.C., the Dominican Republic, and Panama.

Hopefully next year I can add one in Spain!!! Where is your favorite spot to fly to? Your favorite vacation spot?

Kendra Leigh Worsnup

P.S. I just remembered: I need to add one in Portland!

1 comment
  1. Lindsay said:

    hmm…. i once flew over the swiss alps and it was awesome! Rio was a good vacation spot but I’d say my favorite place is still Barcelona! … Paris was great too! :) Cool map, i need to get me one of those!

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