Getting Rid of Baggy Eyes Pt.2

Today was day one of eye-bag experiments. This means I was testing frozen spoons as a cure to wake my baggy eyes up this morning. When I woke up, I put two spoons in the freezer and allowed them to chill while I got dressed and brushed my teeth (approximately ten  minutes.) Then, I held them over my eyes so that the rim of the spoon made contact with the bags. I left them on my eyes for approximately 5 minutes. I was a little disappointed with the effectiveness of the treatment. Although it was slightly helpful, I did not see any vast improvements.




Hopefully I will have more luck with the tea bags tomorrow!

Kendra Leigh Worsnup

1 comment
  1. Hilarious! What an idea. I was actually afraid they might stick to your eyelids! Ouch! If you are interested in new and innovative eye treatments, Avon has a new product that has been clinically shown to increase microcirculation and vibrate away under eye puffiness and bags. It is called Vibes Wake up eye roller and is on sale for $14.99. It couldn’t hurt to have a look.

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