Getting rid of baggy eyes

A couple days ago I tweeted and facebooked this question :

After sifting through the few obvious responses (like “more sleep”) I may have actually stumbled upon a few remedies.

Another friend of mine also told me that putting spoons in the freezer in the morning and then holding them over your eyes works as well. (Thanks Carmen for the tip!)

This week I will be exploring the ideas that have been presented to me and I will relay the information to you. On Friday I will announce which one I believe works best. 

Monday: Frozen Spoons
Tuesday: Tea Bags
Wednesday: Hemorrhoid cream
Thursday: Ice Cubes

If nothing else, I’ll be really cold, hemorrhoid free and taste delicious.

Kendra Leigh Worsnup

  1. Ryan Rogers said:

    I’m wondering who searches under the phrases “preparation H” and “Hemorrhoid cream.”

  2. papa said:

    I’ve never heard anybody describe their hemorrhoids as bags under their eyes but I guess that’s truth. The cold spoon may not feel so good though. Love you, strange lady.

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