relaxing and pampering

Today was a very relaxing day. Although it began sort of frustrating, the day progressed rather nicely. I was able to have brunch with my grandma, lunch with my dad and see “The Tourist”. I also went to Target to spend a gift card I got my from my Aunt and Uncle. I did not spend all of it, but I did get some wonderful things: two make-up brushes, nail polish and nail polish remover, bronzer and some gum.
And when I got home, I painted my nails with said nail polish. I also gave myself a mud-mask.
Needless to say, it felt awesome.

In regards to “The Tourist”, I loved it. But then again, I always love Johnny Depp. And Angelina Jolie couldn’t have been more stunning. Definitely worth seeing.

Have a blessed day! (or should I say night?)

Kendra Leigh Worsnup

1 comment
  1. papa said:

    Maybe you could have saved a little money on the nail polish and remover – by not putting the polish on in the first place. Love you.

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