Reflecting on 2010

Today is New Year’s Day, a wonderful day for reflection. This has felt like the year of all years. So many amazing things have happened to me throughout the year and I thought I’d take this time to remind myself and you of them.

January Ryan’s birthday was in this month, my dad and I flew to Colorado on a surprise trip to visit my boyfriend for his 18th birthday. On the trip we also went and checked out Colorado Christian University, one of my three college choices.

February- My mom and I went to Portland, OR to check out another school- Multnomah University. We stayed with Ryan’s sister Ashley and her husband Jed.  During our trip we went to classes, went hiking, experienced Voodoo Donuts and Stumptown Coffee. I fell in love with the place, and still would love to live there someday. (see more pictures here, here and here)

March- For Spring break, my family and I visited our friends the Kitchens in Texas. We had a wonderful time. I also made my decision about college.

April- Ryan came to visit me and we had our senior prom! I’m wearing a lovely dress my Aunt made for me.

May- I graduated high school!!! Ryan and I celebrated our one year of dating :)

June- Ryan came to visit me. Towards the middle, my mom and I left for Texas where I left from for Panama later this month. (view more photos here)

July– Mid-July I returned to the United States from Panama. Visited Colorado. Went to New York for the FIRST TIME EVER with my wonderful Aunt Christy! (view more photos here, here and here)

August- Ryan came to arizona. I turned 18 and got my nose pierced, which didn’t end up so well (I took it out in November.) I started my first semester of college at ASU’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications.

September- I had a friend who passed away this month. Not exactly a highlight. But since his family later came to know Christ as a result, I praise the Lord.

October- Went to Colorado to visit Ryan. Got a new car, since my other one broke.

November- Began my new job at Palos Verdes Senior Living. Celebrated Thanksgiving in Wickenburg with my family and cousin who had just returned home from Montana. I also went on my first road trip without my parents to Prescott (not too far, I know) with my friend Jordynn. (view more photos here)

December- went to Colorado, again, with my family for Christmas. Ryan drove back with us. (view more photos here)

I hope your year was just as fabulous as mine, and here’s to another good one!

Kendra Leigh Worsnup

  1. papa said:

    A good year, indeed. Love you.

  2. ryan said:

    You are awesome. You are sitting right next to me, and i like you.

  3. Ashley said:

    Awesome! You had a busy great year! Thank you for sharing – I’m sure it will be a year to remember! :)

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