5 Outfits. 1 dress. And now? Waiting.

Do you remember my post a couple of weeks back about the Uniform Project? Well I received an email response in which they asked me to send them pictures of me in a black dress worn five ways, as well as answer some questions. I replied to their email today and am very eagerly awaiting their response. I sincerely hope they are willing to let me participate.

Here are the five outfits I sent them, you can consider this a sneak peek to my month (provided they let me in to the project!)

What do you think?

Kendra Leigh Worsnup

  1. Stephanie A said:

    I love these photos!!! looks so cute, and they’re great ideas — looks really professional and creative. Some of the people on the site went really dramatic but I love that you look so natural. Haha also I just noticed it’s snowing on the website, cute! :P

  2. papa said:

    Looks like five stylish outfits to me. I’ll disguise my name though so nobody will know I’m your papa.
    Love, apap.

  3. Loving it!! Oh, how I want to participate as well!!!!!! Totally on my to-do list – UP has been such an inspiration to me ever since I discovered it. All I need is the perfect, versatile LBD! :D
    Keep all your blog readers posted! Hope you get to be a part of UP – I’ll be there cheering you on if you do. I visit that site daily – no lies! :)

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