the creative juices are flowin’

Tonight I did not plan on staying up late. And to most of you, this is probably not late but it is to me. Since I have an interview tomorrow, I was wishing I had a business card to bring with me. I searched etsy for cute ones (knowing I couldn’t take them with me tomorrow, but that I would have them for the future.) But alas, I was not intrigued enough to purchase them when I realized hey, I could make that myself. Soooo i did. I hurriedly drove to Joann’s 15 minutes before it closed, ran in and got cardstock and booked it outta there. Hours later, here ya have it:

and after this, it was just a spiral into creative flow. If you haven’t noticed (which I’m sure you have) I revamped my whole blog. Notice the similarities between my new header and the business cards. Inspiration is everywhere, folks.
Like the look? Don’t like the look? Let me know!

I also created an etsy account, which you can get to by clicking on the above link “store” and following the link located on that page. It is not up and running yet because I still need to set up a paypal account. Soon it will be up and running and you will be able to purchase headbands, paintings, and maybe even custom business cards since I enjoyed making them so much.

Anywayyy, I should probably head to bed. I do have an interview tomorrow after all. Say a prayer for me!


Kendra Leigh Worsnup


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