Memoir for a Friend. Matthew West.

Matthew West. My dear friend.

I hope you know what you  meant to me. We had times in our friendship when we were closer than ever, and times that were not as close. But I always knew one thing: you would always be there for me. You had made that loud and clear. And I thank you for that. I hope you knew that went both ways.
You were an awesome kid. One of the best. You loved God and you loved people and everyone around you knew that.
The picture above, I’m pretty sure is from the night I met you– Displace Me, an event for Invisible Children.
You were an instant friend, someone I knew I would never forget.
Even my mom loves you. She fondly remembers you coming in to help her in her classroom and always being so giving.
I remember when we went to Olive Garden and they kept trying to serve us wine and we would laugh about how far under the drinking age we were. And when you drove me out a billion miles away just so I could find a backpack. It’s the little things that showed how giving you were. Always willing to help a friend.
It gives me comfort to know that you are in heaven right now. I’m not sure exactly what you’re doing up there, but I bet it’s wonderful. God is so cool! Praise the Lord  you are in His presence right now.
Know that you will be dearly missed.
And that you are loved by many.

Rest In Peace.
Love you like a brother.

  1. Heather Bautista said:

    That was beautiful. Thank you

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