New York, Day Three: Sight-seeing

Today we did sight-seeing. We started the day with a free tour of Castle Clinton, then took the fairy to Liberty Island and back. After that, we ate lunch at Planet Gyro, DELICIOUS might I add. We tried to see Ground Zero but it was blocked mostly with construction as they are building a memorial and museum in honor of 9/11. We finished the sight-seeing with the Empire State Building. It was so awesome being 86 stories off the ground. Never have I seen anything like it.

We ended the evening with Chinese take-out from Tiger Noodles (which you would know if you add me as a friend of Foursquare; I signed up for this today.)

Lesson I learned today: We as humans crave nature. When I was atop the Empire State Building, we could see miles and miles of concrete interrupted by trees wherever possible. Central Park for example. But also, and more interestingly there were trees on top of buildings! Just goes to show that anything we make, any man-made creation, will never be as desired as what God has made. We need trees, we need nature, we need God.    

Tomorrow we have a relaxed morning that has yet to be planned. And in the evening? A broadway show. I cannot wait.

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