New York, Day One


Today I began my vacation to New York. My Aunt Christy and Uncle Bill have taken me here for my 18th birthday. We left their house in Colorado at 4:15am and drove to DIA for our 7 o’ clock flight. After a three and a half hour flight we arrived in New York Laguardia. We got a car from Enterprise and drove to Princeton, NJ where our hotel was located. After getting settled in my Aunt told me the agenda for day one: RELAXATION. We got Starbucks, a mani/pedi, ate dinner at a local restaurant called Blue Point Grill, and ended the night with a dip in the pool.

And in the process of the day, God taught me something. My Uncle flies so often for his job that he has been given the “Priority” status at the airport, all benefits included: short lines, priority boarding, etc. As we were arriving my Aunt and I were discussing whether or not we would be allowed to join him. Familiar with the saying “guilty by association,” we wondered: can you be “priority by association”? Aunt Christy pointed this out: with Jesus we can be “priority by association.”  We can get in to heaven, even though we don’t deserve to. Because of sin, there is no way in to heaven. We are not “priority” passengers. But Jesus Christ claims us as his own. We get to accompany Him on the ride and thus adopt His “priority” status. How cool is that?!

Lucky for us, it works this way at the airport too.

Can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds! (Our whole itinerary is a surprise.)



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