Graduation and Catching up…

Graduation was last thursday! Woo!
So what’s next? Well some of my previous blog posts have discussed, if not revolved around this question. But I’d like to share my official plans for this summer and fall. Ryan is coming here in 6 DAYS! He’ll be here until the 12 which is very good news. The day after he leaves, my mom and I are driving to Texas, which is where I meet my team to go to Panama. We will be there until the 17, which is when we will leave for Panama. I will be in Panama until July 8, when I will return to Texas. I leave Texas July 10 at which point I will fly to Denver. I’ll be in Denver with family (and Ryan) until July 20 (I think?) when my Aunt Christy and I will fly to New York for a girls trip. I’ll be coming home July 24. Then I will be beginning college at ASU’s journalism school this August.


AND SOME GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I got enough money for graduation that I can pay off my mission trip. Hallelujah! God is so faithful. Always so faithful. It’s amazing what can happen if you just ask according to God’s will.

So I made a new painting…

I love painting. I painted with Megan, one of my best friends (view graduation photo) last night and I hope I will have an opportunity to paint more this summer. Ryan and I plan on painting together when he gets here and I am very excited for that.

Well, I better get going. I have to vacuum today and get ready to go out to lunch with my Grandpa. We try to have lunch once a week and today is the day. Greek food. Mmm.

(P.S. I forgot how much I like blogging. So look back more often, and hopefully I can get back into the habit of posting again)

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  1. Kend: you’ve got an awesome summer coming up: you’re also a great writer! I hope that you blog more! Was great to see you last night sister. :D

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