Portland Day 1 (from yesterday)

Sorry I didn’t get all these posted yesterday, it was a busy day!
A briefing- I’m here to check out the town and a college- Multnomah University. My mom came with me and we’re staying with my boyfriend’s sister Ashley and her husband Jed. 
Day one: We got to sleep in which was nice. After we woke up, we got ready and ate a delicious breakfast that Jed and Ashley prepared (my mom helped too.) We had multigrain and flax pancakes and fresh fruit salad. Then we went downtown (via the Max- a light rail) and got Stumptown Coffee (I got a mocha, that was delicious!) We just hung out around downtown for awhile before heading back to Jed and Ashley’s apartment. Then Jed and Ashley went to volunteer at their church, while my mom and I went and looked at Wakeenah and Multnomah Falls, which were gorgeous! After that, my mom and I picked up a dozen Voodoo Doughnuts and met Jed and Ashley at the Joe’s Crab Shack in Vancouver, WA. To end the night, we went home and ate the doughnuts… MHM!

I’m definitely loving it here! Please keep praying that I am keeping my focus on God and His plans!

p.s. The lovely flowers are from Ryan. What a sweet boyfriend!

  1. James said:

    Where’s your dad? Oh yeah I’m working!

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