Perhaps I have made my decision..

GOOD NEWS: I just got a call from Global Expeditions telling me that I have been accepted for either mission trip; PRAISE THE LORD! I discussed with my encouragement counsellor my dilemma and he explained both places to me very thoroughly. Up until the end of our conversation, I still had not made a decision, nor even felt persuaded to one direction.

the case. During a previous summer mission to Haiti that he was on, he was able to meet his sponsored child at the Compassion office! I also told him that I wondered if it would be a better idea to wait until she was a little older and could better understand the situation. He said no. Micah explained to me how in Africa they don’t place as high of a value on life as we do, here in America. Children are often rejected from their families and never truly have people they are close to. Because of this, they often turn to witchcraft to solve their problems. He continued to tell me, the best thing to do would be to build as strong of a relationship with her as soon as I can. I think he’s right! He also asked me what my love languages are and I told him- physical touch and quality time. BINGO! Micah sort of laughed because I think he could tell that instantly I knew what I should do. might not be. The girl, Kaylee that I had originally talked to from Global Expeditions told me that I would most likely not be able to see her unless Compassion could bring her to me. However, Micah told me that JacklineUNTIL.. Until I told him about the girl I sponsor in Uganda,    

Anyway, I will be fasting my lunches starting this tomorrow for a week and praying constantly. Hopefully God will affirm my thoughts, or maybe even tell me otherwise.     

Either way.. Let the fundraising begin!      

I need $2227 by May 4th.  And the rest of the total $4454 shortly after, which is a HUGE task, surely only one God can accomplish.      

If you would like to donate, donations are tax-deductible! Just click here to donate right into my account.      

My missionary id is: 2561683.      

Thank you so much for all your support! Please keep praying!      





   JacklineThe girl I sponsor- 





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