Decisions to be made- College

The second decision I have to make is what college to go too. The ideal is that I would be able to get two degrees: journalism and bible/theology. The schools I am looking currently looking at are Colorado Christian University, Multnomah University, and ASU Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Each school has many, many benefits as well as negative aspects.

ASU- pros: free, family, good journalism school
           cons: huge classes, not a bible school

CCU- pros: Christian school/enviroment, close to Vandines and Ryan, awesome housing, change of enviroment, intimate class sizes, close in proximity to many Christian companies that I would LOVE to be involved in/work for.
           cons: EXPENSIVE!

MU- pros: Easy to double major (so I could also get a degree in bible/theology), good journalism program, change of enviroment, small classes 
         cons: EXPENSIVE!

This is a huge decision that can definitely impact the rest of my life. I will be visiting and touring all the campuses and will blog through those experiences so check back for updates!

Thank you! And keep me in your prayers :)


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